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Unable to view notes since 6.2 upgrade

  • We just recently upgraded Kaseya to 6.2, and since then we have run into a number of issues.  Most of them were resolved by clearing out my browser cache on the local machines that were logging into Service Desk. For some reason the only lingering issue that I can't seem to figure out is the notes portion.  When the update happened, and I go into a ticket within service desk, the notes portion only shows "User" and "Time" but nothing else populates.  Any notes that have been written or even the notes from the ticket creation are not viewable.  Is there something that I am missing here?

  • @Tony Keo

    In the Notes section, hover over a column header and use the drop-down to make sure that all of the columns are set to be displayed.  If that doesn't work, you may need to use the reset default settings using the 'Defaults' button under System / Preferences.

  • Selecting Defaults button under System > Preferences fixed the Ascending and Descending from being Grayed out for us after we upgraded.

  • Looks like that did the trick, thanks Kevin and Tim.