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Location of Service Desk Ticket Notes in SQL-database

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I want to create a report with Crystal Reports from the Kaseya 2 SQL-database. The report contains information from tickets in the Service Desk module. I already found some tables with information from the Service Desk module in the database under 'ksubscribers / kasadmin / Tables'. All the tablenames start with 'SD'. I would like to display the notes (regular and hidden) that where added to the tickets but I cannot find the database table that holds the notes. Can someone please tell me which database table / fields to use in my report?

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  • I think Notes are within the kasadmin.SDIncidentActivity table.

    They are in the column sdNote.

    As this table only contains notes you might want to join it with the SDIncident table using the sdIncidentFK foreign key.

  • Thanx Thijs.

    This was exactly what I was looking for! But now I have another problem. I need to know the name of the editor associated with the activity. Now there are two fields in the kasadmin.SDIncidentActivity table: 'editingPartnerUserFK' and 'incidentEditorFK'. The last one is empty. So I think I have to use 'editingPartnerUserFK' but I don't know which table to get a name from.

    Can you also tell me where to find addintional information about the tables and fields used for the Service Desk module?

  • I have a document with more information on the database. I'll email it to you if you give me an email address.

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  • That would be very helpfull. I have updated my profile with my e-mail adres. Thank you very much.