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SD: Schedule Agent Procedure and then return values

  • Hey everyone,

    I'm looking at a Kaseya Service Desk setup where I want to schedule an agent procedure (regular agent procedure not a service desk sub procedure). I then want to pass information back to service desk through a variable. In particular this is going to partly be done for systems that are offline so I can't write out the data to a temporary text file on the system, then have service desk just import the file. I want to get the results directly through the Kaseya server somehow. I'd ideally like to use a global variable for this so the idea would be:
    Service Desk ticket opens > SD Procedures schedule the Agent Procedure I want > Agent Procedure I want runs and puts it's results in a global variable > SD Procedures pick up that global variable and use it to continue.

    The problem I'm having is that it looks like the regular agent procedures are out of scope for the service desk procedures so I don't appear to be able to grab the results in any way I'm seeing. Is this possible in some way I'm just missing the context on? Or is there a SQL Query I can run to get the value of a specific Agent Procedure's resulting global variable? 

  • There are lots of ways to possible get the results you want

    1st is you can run an agent procedure for an offline machine , you just run the procedure on a different machine .. eg if a Machine is Offline you can force the procedure to run on the VSA

    Then if the data you want is already in the Kaseya Database , the VSA, when it executes the procedure, can pull the data and save it to the text file in the userprofiles folder so know your SD can read that files content.

    I also have a method of Scheduling an agent procedure from the SD and passing to that procedure a variable.

    Let me know if you'd like more details


  • How would I get data out of the UserProfiles folders? Would "getVariable > File Content" reference that? If so this would likely do what I'm after for me.

  • Each machine has it's own unique folder which is it actually just it's Agentguid

    So the path on the VSA to a specific machines folder would be



    Now to get a file where

    a) You know the file name will be constant i.e. "mytestfile.txt" and

    b) The SD ticket knows the machine that generated the ticket

    You can use the getvariable / file content command , and specify the path to the file as



    where [$AgentGuid$] is a SD variable auto filled based onthe machine the ticket is created for

    And I assumed you have Kaseya installed on C Drive , so the drive letter may be different on your VSA