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Service Desk Tables in SQL

  • I created custom fields in Service Desk.. And In SQL, I'm seeing those custom fields under kasadmin.SDaddfield table. My question is Where does the data I input in the custom fields go in the SQL? In what table? Like for example the Custom Fields are FirstName, LastName, Designation,Company then data I input are "Caye" , "Dizon" , "Technical Engineer", "abc Company" 

    I can't seen to find where are these data go whenever someone submits a ticket.

  • I think it might be stored as xml .. and not in an actual table

  • How am I going to get those data in xml? I'm using VB script. Should I declare the FieldID as variables? would that work? thanks!

  • Also, is there any way that the data I submitted in the ticket while generate inside a new database and table? ( we thought of creating a new desk and table and didn't use ksubcribers)

  • Hi Caye,

    The custom field information is not straight forward in the database, since it needs to be dynamic and we designed it for speed in getting values from the database.  In 1.4 The custom fields are located in KSD.CustomFieldsValues and KSD.CustomFieldsValuesBlob.  To query this information you can get the query string the following way:

    select ref, CustomFieldList from kasadmin.orgServDeskDefn

    Use the CustomFieldList in the following query to see your information:

    select <CustomFieldList from above query>

    FROM kasadmin.SDIncident v

    LEFT JOIN KSD.CustomFieldsValues cfv WITH (NOLOCK) ON cfv.entityId = v.id

    LEFT JOIN KSD.CustomFieldsValuesBlob cfvb WITH (NOLOCK) ON cfvb.entityId = v.id

    where v.ref='<TicketId>'