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One of the challenges we have with the basic ticketing is that when the helpdesk guy opens a ticket and assigns his time to it, then the next guy takes over the ticket to do the onsite or level 2 work, then the time accountability gets lost (ie, the helpdesk's time gets allocated to level 2 person)

Within Service Desk, can you create a master ticket and then spawn linked subtickets so we can rollup the hours for a ticket, but still track the individual times per individual?

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  • Mark i'm not sure i understand your question totally but let me try to help out.

    we use SD but we also use Service billing. In the ticket notes we can see how many minutes were worked by which technician (per note). In service billing we can see which technician submitted billable hours.

    hopes this helpes.

  • does the service billing consolidate all the hours from every ticket to build a billable hours per technician report then?

    As for master tickets...basicalyl a single event (lets say a database fails)...this generates 15 tickets for all the components that were effected.  In other ticket systems I designate the Database failure as a master ticket and then I link all the other tickets as subtickets...when I close the master ticket, all subtickets are closed at the same time...

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