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Send a email / note to other recipients

  • Is it possible to send a email / note from the Servicedesk ticket to another recipient(s) as well as the submitter ? 

  • Yes I believe you can use a semi-colon to separate addresses. You could also always just add a parallel step to the procedure for each email address.

  • Would you add the additional email address to the Submitters Email address field on the ticket ? Or is there a part on the Notes tab which I don't know about ?

  • This needs to be added to the step in your procedure that is sending the email. I suppose you can specify additional email addresses in the To: field of the message/note template as well.

    However, it sounds like you're trying to do this "on the fly" from the ticket window. That's trickier and you'd probably need to create a custom field to specify who this other recipient would be, then use the procedure to call that value to the To: field.

    Maybe you could explain exactly what you're attempting to do?

  • I'm trying to do it "on the fly" as mentioned above.

    What will usually happen is that we get a ticket raised which may effect a number of users, and instead of just the submitter of the ticket being able to recieve the notes / emails from within the Servicedesk we would like it if we could CC in other people as well ?

  • So in that case, you'd have to create a custom field, that contained all the different distribution groups/email recipients you'd want to send to, and call a procedure step on the appropriate event. That sent an email to the value of the custom field, for which you can use [$customfieldId$] where "customfieldId" = the name of your custom field. I've never done this myself, but theoretically this shouldn't be a problem.

    If you're using this to warn a group of users about problem that might be affecting them, likely you'd want to use a procedure such as "Enters Stage" to check the field and send the email once the ticket moves into a certain stage of your workflow. You'll have to think out your workflow carefully before proceeding.