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Service Desk Procedure HELP!!!!

  • Hi all,

    Please help!!! Is there a way I can a Organizational Custom Field within my Service Desk procedures to assign a Custom Ticket Property?? I want to Auto Assign Tickets to a Pool based on a Organization Custom Field called Product?

    Thank you

  • Im 99% sure that this is not possible at this point.

  • I dont think so either. The way I did was this was using SLA's and policies within service desks. Organisations have "associated policies" that map accordingly.

    You can then do a IF statement on most procedures if Policy is equal to " ".

  • I woud create a view in the database to help you link the different tables together with the fields you are interested in.  The tables for orgs are kasadmin.org*.  Then create a procedure in SD to create a variable based on a sql command that looks at the custom field in question from the view created.  That will take care of it.