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Service Billing - Quickbooks integration

  • I attend the Service Billing Webinar the other day and must admit it looked very interesting until we go to the Quick-Books integration. I liked the fact that that it could auto create everything and show you the current status of billing, but from my perspective the actual integration with QB is fundamentally flawed. 

    The way it was explained was that Invoices are generated and sent from Service Billing, with the details then being transferred across to Quick-books for reconciliation. What I expected was that the information, line items etc for the invoice, would be created in Service Billing and then transferred over to QB where the invoice would be generated and sent. This would then mean that all invoicing is done from QB, keeping invoice numbers consistent, look and feel of invoices consistent (you cant customise the look or layout of the SB invoices at the moment.) If you end up invoicing out of SB then you will end up with multiple invoice numbers with different formats. i.e. your QB invoice numbers and then a new set of SB  invoice numbers starting at 1.

    Have I just misunderstood how this works or does it make sense to anyone?




  • KSB can be used to generate the Invoice details which get sent to QB.  You don’t need to have KSB send the invoice to the customer.  You can go into QB, find the invoice that KSB generated, and send it to your customer from QB using the QB formatting.

    You can control the sending of invoices in KSB by making these settings in Operations > Customers > Edit > (Contact Info) > Invoice Delivery Method, you can then choose Other, to not have it email Invoice automatically.  If this is for all customers you can also go to Configure > Lists > Invoice Delivery Methods and change the default to Other.  When setting up new customers, this will come up as the default choice in Invoice Delivery method.  Note, this will not change customers already in the KSB, so they would need to be changed by above option.

    KSB v1.0 does generate it's own invoice numbers.  You can not change this number, but you can set a prefix (or suffix) for the invoice number which may help you manage the invoices in QB.  In a future version, we will consider an option that would allow you to assign the KSB invoice numbers based on the QB numbering scheme.

  • Hi Kevin

    Thanks for the clarification. I suppose the best way is for me to try it - But I don't want KSB to generate any 'invoice' numbers, I just want it to pass the details through to QB so that we can invoice directly from QB. I appreciate that KSB needs a reference number to tie things back to the VSA, but I need the invoice and invoice number generated directly from QB.

  • Hi Peter,

    We are working on a solution regarding the invoice numbering. Please check back later next week for more details :-)

    Also, Service Billing now has its own Forum so everyone please feel free to start using the new Forum to get anwsers.



  • Hi Peter,

    We recently posted a hot fix that will allow you to choose whether or not you want to use the invoice numbering from your external accounting system for your linked customers or have Service Billing auto-generate them. This should address the issue you posted in this forum.

    Thanks again for your feedback.