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Notification not generated for past due tickets

  • Greetings,

    A few months ago our system failed to send notifications for past due tickets.  All other email functions of the service desk work fine such as new ticket notification and assignee changes.  So far I've recreated all the SLA's, cleared out the SMTP queues, restarted everything... no dice.  I'd appreciate any suggestions someone might have to remedy the issue.  This particular system is on Kaseya Enterprise Edition : 2008 (SP1) -



  • You're using Service Desk with VSA 5.1?

    What does your procedure look like?  The one sending the email notices regarding past due tickets.  A few things to double-check: variable spelling/syntax, email address spelling, if sending to a pool make sure all members of that pool have an email address assigned to their VSA account (this one bit me this week... sigh), if waiting for some sort of trigger (status, stage, goal/escalation, etc) verify that these tickets are actually reaching that trigger and reporting such.

  • Sorry, posted this under the wrong category.  We are using Kaseya ticketing which I assumed this category represented.  Reposting to the correct one, sorry!