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Assigning a ticket to one of many teams

  • In case you missed my other question, i'll repeat the first bit: Thank you for your help! I've been really lost and your answers have been the lights inside my tunnel :)

    In our service organization, we have one Tier One desk and multiple development teams. Each team cater a few products, and in practice, one or a few customers. Sounds plain enough.

    But the question is this: how should i go defining the Stages for our K Service desk? Below is how i've tried to set things up, and as you can guess, failed pretty miserably.

    I would like to have one Stage for The Desk (Tier One) and one stage for In Teams (any of Tiers Two). I would set the Assigned To field to point to which of the Teams the ticket is assigned to. When the ticket enters the Teams stage, an email should be sent to the relevant Team Leader, as defined in the Assigned To. Since our development team folks (including their leaders) don't use Kaseya, the Assigned To-values can be named by the teams but actually have the emails of their leaders; no need to use Kaseya's pools.

    Is it possible/viable to have just one "In Teams" stage or must i create a stage for each team, which would multiply the configuration and maintenance effort? How can i assign a ticket to a user (the team leader), when all i see are our defined pools (plus the SD Admin user accounts)? How can i send email (not Kaseya-internal messages) when a Pool doesn't have an email address? Is the only way really to create a Stage per Team and hard-code the recipient address for the email notification? Sounds horrible.

    Help appreciated. Insanity and desperation approaching.


  • What if you created pools for your dev teams and then just didn't assign any VSA Admins to these pools?  You could write an SD procedure to fire off emails based on assignee/pool and the message templates could have hard-coded SMTP addresses.

    The same can be accomplished with Stages, Statuses, Categories, etc.  Service Desk can be as intricate as you want it to be.  Once I really understood all the system variables available to me, and exactly how the change procedures and stage entry procedures worked, the options seemed limitless.