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Threading tickets/Auto-response

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Does anyone know if/how SD can handle conversations?


If I email the service desk I get an autoresponse with the ticket ID etc.  If I then reply to that auto-response, it generates another unique ticket with another auto-response.


I ideally want the replies (based on subject line and sender) to be threaded into the original. Is it possible?  Anyone managed to do this?  Im a bit suprised it isnt a baked in feature.




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  • Some part of the Subject line of your outgoing response needs to include: ~ticid='[$TicketId$]'

    The KSD email reader will thread new messages back into the appropriate ticket based on that line.  You can not filter/thread based on the email sender, just the presence of the ~ticid tag.  This works for us as we regularly need manager approval to complete certain requests and a user can forward the ticket notice to their manager, who can reply back to us and add the new info directly into the ticket.

  • Hmm - so it just work of the bat?  Doesnt happen here - every reply generates a new ticket - was it something you set up?

  • Thats all I had to do.  As long as any message coming into my email reader contained ~ticid='[$TicketId$]' it would thread accordingly.  [$TicketId$] is a system variable that would inject the appropriate Ticket ID into the associated outgoing message.