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VSA installation (On-Premise) - SQL Express automatic install is failing

  • Hi,

    Every time I'm installing new VSA instance and I'm trying to choose automatic SQL Express installation it's failing for me.
    The workaround is to install SQL Express manually - and it will work. 

    Is this a known issue? And if not - does anyone know how to fix it?

    Any help would be appreciated.

    SQL log files: http://osxbox.ninja:8080/upload/VSA_SQL_logs/20170321_182047.7z

    Best regards

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  • Hi  

    It looks like a generic SQL Error during installation:


    Are there any pre-existing SQL installations on this system?

    Is this going to be a production instance? If so, how many agents are planned to run on it?

    You may also want to check the Kaseya Installer log for more information, located in C:\Windows\Kaseya-XXXXXXXXX.html files - there may be a few of them.

  • Hi Nicolas,

    Thank you for the answer.

    To answer your questions:

    'Are there any pre-existing SQL installations on this system?' -- No. This is clean installation of Windows Server. There are no pre-existing SQL installations on it.

    'Is this going to be a production instance? If so, how many agents are planned to run on it?' - No - this is not a production server. It's a part of our QA/testing environment. Regarding the number of Agents - two maybe three. Not more - that's all we really need.

    Regarding Kaseya log files:

    I was trying to search for log files in the location that you've pointed - but unfortunately I cannot find them (There is no 'Kaseya' folder in 'C:\Windows\' folder.

    I did find many other log files in: 'C:\Kaseya\Logs' - can I ask which log file here would be the most relevant. Also - are there many locations on the file system that are storing Kaseya logs? If yes - can I ask what are these locations?

    Is Kaseya logging anything to default Windows logging facility? (Event Viewer)

    I'm sorry - I know it's a lot of questions - but all I'm trying to do is to understand what's wrong and how to fix it.


    Best regards


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  • - I've seen similar errors in other software when it's installing SQL Express where the actual problem was a weak SA password being specified.  If the password is not "strong" enough then there is an installer check that will fail.

  • Ooops hit enter too soon... I've also seen it if I use specific characters *in* the password,  In general I would avoid & > | " or ' in the password.  I've seen all of those cause issues, mainly because the SA password gets passed as a parameter on the commandline to install SQL Express, and all of those have "special" meaning in the command line.

  • Hi Jonathan,

    Thank you for the answer.

    The problem is that I'm not providing any password at this stage. The installer is asking me if I want to install SQL Express and starting the installation process automatically for me.

    But thank you for the hint regarding SA passwords - I will keep that in mind.


    Best regards


  • I'm not 100% positive, but I believe SQL Server requires a strong password for the sa account if you're using SQL Server authentication. Perhaps this is why your install is failing.

  • Thank you very much for all answers! It's resolved now. Providing strong password during VSA installation is resolving SQL installation issue.

    The problem on my side was that I didn't know that I *NEED* to provide SA password during 'New SQL install' - the installer is allowing me to proceed with installation without providing a password.

    Lesson learned for me :-)

    Thank you one more time for all feedback.

    I appreciate it.


    Best regards