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Kaseya Server (All versions) installed on Windows Server 2003 with IIS 6


I have installed Kaseya on a Windows Server 2003. I have run the script Get File function on some agents and uploaded files to my Kaseya server. I want to download these file using the Get Files function under the Monitor tab using my web browser. I can see all the files but when I click on any of the filenames the browser returns a 404 File Not Found error.


Unlike IIS 5, IIS 6 will not serve up any file with an unknown extension by default. Resolve this problem by changing the permissions on the install/GetFiles directory to recognize any file extension as follows:

  1. Open the
  2. Internet Information Services Manager
  3. Expand the Web Sites / Default Website / install
  4. Right click the
  5. GetFiles directory and select Properties
  6. Click the
  7. HTTP Headers tab
  8. Click the
  9. MIME Types... button
  10. Click the
  11. New... button
  12. Enter
  13. .* in the extension field
  14. Enter
  15. text/plain in the MIME type field
  16. Click
  17. OK to close all dialog boxes[/b]

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