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Upgrade to 9.3 not available

  • Hello,

    as the title says, I'm trying to upgrade from 9.2 to 9.3 but kinstall does not show any upgrade option (version available = = version installed). Going on to next steps does not produce any install. Why aren't we receiving the new version?


  • This usually means your license key needs updating, or your subscription or licencing has an issue. In the past the advice has been that you'll need to contact your account rep to get the situation resolved.

  • Well thanks for advice Craig, I'll report the issue to our rep!


  • It also looks like you're trying to use the first option of Kinstall here.

    If you want to upgrade you'll need to choose the second option....

    Could it be that simple, that would be nice. :-)

  • , let us know what you find out as we are getting ready to upgrade in a few weeks and see the same thing.....would seem strange for it to still be in a controlled release.


  • Did you request the upgrade: info.kaseya.com/upgrade-93.html

  • So it IS still in controlled release?  It has been a lot more than 4-6 weeks since release

  • Guys,

    This is a licensing issue for the client.  They or you would need to communicate with your account rep to update the version 'allowance' for upgrade, which in this case is R9.3

  • Yeah, the fact that it's only showing when there are far newer 9.2 patches available suggests a licensing issue. (And really, you DO want the newer patches even if you don't jump to 9.3 yet.)

  • That screen just shows the major version number available (not sure why the major includes .0.4)....patches are shown as available further in...if you look at your Server configuration page you will see Version Number Installed patch level (if you are up to date)

  • Our rep sent us a new license key to be able to get 9.3