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Sorting Column Sets

  • Does anyone else wish that, on the Manage Agents screen, when you edit your column set, that the "columns Available" were sorted to make it easier to find the column you want to add? Good grief.

  • And, have you ever wondered who proofread these options?

    "Max memery slots"  LOL!

  • And we have:

    "Max memory size"

    "Max memery slots"


    "RAM size"

    Is not "RAM" memory? Or, are the "memery slots" not for "RAM"?

  • my educated guess: max is the max ram the machine will allow, in GB. Slots it the number of sticks it will accept. I could be wrong.

  • A simple alphabetical list would be nice

  • +1 for alphabetization, with the Machine Custom Fields at the bottom of the list, also alphabetized.

    Also, when customizing the column sets, we used to be able to select the left-hand column (stuff you want to add) and start typing--it would find the entry in the left-hand column and select it so you could easily add it to the right-hand column.  No longer able to do this in 9.3.

  • I agree on the alphabetization, definitely when it comes to the custom fields.  It would allow to to block related information together easily in the quick view.

  • Many of the labels come from the ACPI/DMI specifications, which is where the data is being read from. It's not Kaseya choosing the mixed terminology like memory slots vs ram size, in many cases. Kaseya has chosen to (typos aside) follow the standard with respect to naming, and this is IMHO how it should be.

  • Hi Craig - Do you think the labels should be sorted (or sortable) or not?

  • I agree it should be sorted/sortable.

    The pick-list actually has at least 3 sections - the basic agent info, the hardware audit info, and the custom fields, all slapped together. It would be nice if this was displayed more orderly (e.g. in tabs or sections) and of course sortable and perhaps even filterable.