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Move Kaseya folder from C drive to D drive on KServer

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On my KServer, Kaseya folder is on C drive that is RAID 1. Now, C drive runs out of space. I would like to add more hard disks, set them as RAID 5 and assigned the new logical drive as D. In such case, how can I move Kaseya folder to D drive?

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  • Terry,

    There is no way to do this easily.

    Is this a single server setup? If so, it is easier to move the DB over to the D drive in order to free up some space.



  • Hi Falvio,

    The DB is on another server, so I wonder how to move Kaseya folder to bigger drive.



  • Try below steps in test server first

    Check UserProfiles and Managed files folders size in Kaseya\webpages folder

    you can create shortcuts (folder shortcuts) after move both folders to new drive

  • Hi,

    The only way to do this would be to technically run a "migration"

    In which you need the following first:

    1. backup front end and SQL database

    2. copy of mandatory migration folders located here required to archive (help.kaseya.com/.../index.asp)

    3. replicate that structure on the second drive you provisioned.

    4. Uninstall VSA

    5. reinstall VSA and point the install location to the provisioned drive.

    This will take time so setup a large maintenance window and if require further instructions/assistance, I would go and create a support ticket.

  • Thanks Gonipath and Flavio! I will test both your suggestion first.

  • I just wanted to say it's good to have Flavio participating in the forum. He has helped me before with a support ticket or two and, with all the changes going on, I hope he continues to stick around.