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SPDY reverse proxy

  • Hi all

    Just wanted to share something I setup and get a discussion going.

    With Kaseya being web based, I was thinking of ways to speed things up. I've been doing a bit of reading about SPDY but IIS doesn't support it.

    So I went about setting up a reverse SSL proxy using nginx with SPDY enabled

    It wasn't as difficult as I imagined, Chrome now makes a SPDY connection to the proxy which transparently forwards all traffic to the IIS backend.

    I don't have any benchmarks, but Kaseya did seem to perform a bit faster, especially Live Connect.

    SPDY would seem to be a good fit Kaseya, as all the page elements, javascript, CSS etc. are of course served straight from the Kserver.

    I enabled gzip on nginx too which from what I can tell, dynamically gzips content flowing through the proxy.

    There's a heap of cache options and things that can be setup too, but I'm not too what could/should be cached..

  • The best proxy experience I had in a very long time https://www.waselpro.com/en/ . I managed to hide my IP adress and unblock websites directly with just one click application. It is not easy to find a real good proxy provider.

  • I'm trying to set this up, but I'm not sure if the Kaseya Application Firewall is blocking the connection. Do you still have this configuration running? If so, could you post your nginx config?