I'm in a bit of a pickle with this one as I dont have any access to the kaseya server except through the Http interface. This is ok as long as everything is working as it should but unfortunately the server is being managed by a separate hosting company who are telling me that the problem we haveis "insoluble". In the interests of getting this resolved asap, I'm trying to find the solution myself


Having an issue with patch management being unable to update its patch database from download.microsoft.com

The kservercant "reach out to the internet" from the hosting environment it lives in because of a proxy server. I'm told that adding in the appropriate proxy to internet explorer on the kserver allows a browser to get out to download.microsoft.com, now we just have to get the Kserver to do the same

I thought the Kserver ran on top of IIS in which case adding in these lines (or similar depending on IIS version)to the web.config file should fix the problem.

Can anyone comment on this proposed solution: am I a genius or a fool


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