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Failed patches still require reboot

  • I don't know if there is some convoluted logic to this behavior, but if all patches fail, Kaseya still tells the system to reboot (according to reboot rules, of course).

    However, is there a reason that Kaseya can't be smart enough to say to itself, "hey, all the patches I just attempted to install failed, so I won't bother to reboot the system until at least one of the succeeds".

    Since we have changed all the Office 2000 patches to use the /Q (silent) setting, those patches fail consistently on systems that don't have a the Office 2000 media location set or are simply not connected to that location at the time the patch process runs. But these users are getting requests to reboot their computer every single day because the silent failed patches still require a reboot - which is silly and is frustrating MANY of our clients.

    Kaseya, can you please fix this? Or am I missing a simple setting that will allow this problem to be avoided?

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  • This is from what I've read, seen, or been told.

    Kaseya's patching is done via its scripting.The patch script only reports asuccess or failure. This means the status of each patchinstallation is unknown.It request the rebootto error on the side of caution as one or more patches may have installedproperly.

    However, I do agree with you that patching process should be more robust and avoid reboots when unnecessary. It certainly doesn't make us look good when a client reports being prompted to reboot each day.

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  • It actually wouldn't be that hard for them to fix this problem.

    Even though all the patches are done via scripts, if they customize their standard patch script to include a final step where it creates a"success"file upon a successful completion of the script (and only if that patch requires a reboot). Then the first step in the "reboot" script process is to look to see if the "success" file exists or not. If it exists, then that means at least one script was successful, so it should reboot. If it does not exist, then it means that all patches failed OR that none of the successful patches require a reboot.

    I don't think that is too hard for Kaseya to figure out... But that's just my two cents.

    It is really annoying and creating a lot of negative vibes with our customers towards the Kaseya agent and patching process. They know that they never had that problem previously when they used Windows update for patching, so they blame us and Kaseya for causing the extra headaches.

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