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  • Hi All,

    Does anyone use a mobile device such as a PDA or smart phone to access Kaseya?

    Are there any cut-down versions of the front end allowing you to only log in and view the group alarm status etc. Could be handy for travelling admins!

    Have tried but it doesn't seem to like running in non standard browsers, it would be nice if there was another page you could visit (kaseyaserver.companyname.com/mobile) to view a very basic status page.

    So far, the only way I can think of doing this is by creating a custom front end, any other ideas?


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  • I've been dying for exactly this for a while now - I'd love to be able to update tickets on the road without firing up a laptop. I don't need super pretty, just functional.

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  • I've actually used my HP iPAQ 6315 to browse to our KServer and do most of the things I need to. Obviously, the screens are out of whack and it takes some practice to learn what windows to resize to learn to use the tab key to get to where you want, but in a pinch, it works.

    It would be killer to have a mobile app, though. So you can check the agents, do patch management, scripts, etc. I know remote control is out of the question for a handheld, though.

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  • I have a 6515...so unfortunately I can't flip into Landscape mode (it has a square screen) to completely view what I need. In any event, a LITE version of the interface would help tremendously. Sometimes I don't have the time at a client's site to mess with the interface the way it needs to be viewable.

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