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Managing clients on from a dual-homed server

  • Scenario: A server is connected to 2 seperate networks (dual-homed).
    One network is open to the outside world, the other is not.
    All of the presently managed clients are on the open network and pointing to the IP Address of the NIC that is outside accessable.
    Now, how to bring the set of machines on the closed network under Kaseya management?

    When trying to create a client to deploy to the machines on the closed network, I don't see any means of pointing the new client package to the IP address of the servers NIC on that network.

    Each NIC is on a different network with different domains so the hostname would be different on each side.

    Is this even possible?

    Thanks for your time.

    Jeff Hooks

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  • This is common.

    In our internal network, we cant access our standard ip address. so, for internal users we modified their hosts file to point to the internal ip address of the server.

    This works wonderfully. This way we dont need to worry about having an internal client and an external client with different config information.

    For our roaming users (going inside and outsie of the network) I wrote a bat file that copies a replacement hosts file to his computer. There are actually 2 bat files that I placed shortcuts to on his desktop. Internal and external.

    When he uses the externl bat file, the HOSTS file is replaced with the default/old hosts file.

    When he uses the internal bat file, the HOSTS file is replaced with a modified hosts file that has the above change made.

    That worked wonderfully for us!

    Rod Bibeau

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