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Patch Database update failed

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    Installed brand new installation of VSA today.

    OS: Win 2003 Server w/SP 1

    SQL Server located on a differetn server.

    I receivea pop-up when I select the Patch Management Button.

    Pop up says the following: (also attached)

    Patch Database update failed.

    curl.exe downloads the update fromvsaupdate.kaseya.net.

    I am able to telnet to the site and get the blank screen as I should be able to.

    Any ideas where I can begin troubleshooting this problem?

    Many Thanks,


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  • The same thing happened to me last week. I logged onto our Kaseya site on the server itself, and was prompted to upgrade to the 4.5 version. Once the upgrade completed, the error message you refer to was resolved.

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