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How many agents on a single KServer?

  • We have about 4,000 agents on a single KServer - the SQL server is separate. We may be increasing our Agent count significantly, and I was wondering how many Agents our server would be able to handle.

    Any thoughts or tips?

  • We have 7000 agents on the same setup.  Seperate front end and back end. I know quite a few companies that have 10000+ on a single server. Id say the big thing is just to make sure you follow their minimum requirements on server specs for whatever agent count you are going for.

  • We are currently close to 15,000 and its not easy at times with simple load.

    Our setup is cut back a bit with not using too many of the optional modules (ie we don't use KNM or KAV)

    And when policy management has an issue or an engineer runs a big procedure we can max out the host our servers are running on.....

    You can scale the VSA it just requires a bit of thinking and work, I have heard of single instances running much more than us, its just the issues get bigger.

  • max 20k-25k per instance

  • help.kaseya.com/.../reqs