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Webroot Plugin

  • Not sure if this is the proper sub forum.

    I do have a ticket open with Kaseya, but we have yet to pinpoint the issue and wondering if anyone else that uses the webroot Plugin has this issue too.

    It seems after a reapply schema the plugin works, but after some time, scripts from the app get deleted and the plugin is broken until another reapply.

    Thoughts? Anyone else ever had this issue?


  • Hi - didn't notice your post before, but we do use WebRoot, although not as our main AntiVirus solution (that's still Kaspersky). I don't remember the issue you're describing, but at one point we did do a complete remove and reinstall of the WebRoot plugin.

    We use it in 9.4, not sure if you're on the same version and the latest patch.

    Another factor could be WebRoot should've already upgraded/updated their plugin for Kaseya. That was supposed to have been out in February. So, any time that'll come out, it may change your issue...