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Help! Kaseya port 5721 triggers a HUGE amount of data transfer!!

  • Hi All

    One of our client is currently experiencing huge amount of data traffic, through the sonicwall GMS, we're able to identify the data is traffered between our Kaseya server and client, see screenshot

    This is the screenshot of 3 day's statistics, and it transferred 40GB of data via tcp/5721


    I am desperate to find an explanation here, as none of our other clients are experiencing this issue. If it is Kaseya, i'd like to know which component may trigger such thing.

    Much Appreicated!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I would suggest that you log a ticket with K Support, so they can investigate,  this is not normal behaviour,  but :

    Do you transfer files to or from  your KServer from your client site :

    patches ?

    backups ?

    larger files with get files commands,