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Kaseya - Support / Application Good Choice?

  • I will be first to admit.  I was serioulsy considering leaving Kaseya for Competitor product becasue of K2 Issues and SUpport problems.  I have certianly complained to everyone I could find at Kaseya.  Previous version was very reliable and K2 caused a lot of Headaches.  But after testing other products and requests from my contacts at Kaseya I have been patient.....well fast forward a couple of months and I must say Kaseya is certianly headed iin right direction again.  I do see an effort to amke the prodcut better and improved support experiences.  It is far from what I would like to be at but certinaly headed towards it.  I am glad I stayed with Kaseya...not sure what others are experiencing but I am just sharing my opinion for others.  AVG also was a big headache for me becase I dont think it was doing anything,  i have been beta testing Antivirus and I was quite impressed.  Now I can see my AV product doing something to protect cliets' workstations.  I do fee much better with the new Anti Virus engine and cant wait until production version is released so that I can replace all of my AVG installs.

    Anyone else care to share your thoughts about Kaseya's Product and Support?


  • I too have similar feelings Richie. I think K2 relase was like a giant band-aid being ripped off, and man did it sting. But K kept moving forward and now K2 seems to be stabilizing. I believe K2 is totally new base code and direction, so this may explain all the pain with it. However, based off of the improved support (still needs work!), and improved product direction (of course I still don't have anything tangible yet), I am being cautiously patient over the next 2 months (based off of Ks product release time table). Lets see what happens over the first Q of 2011... lets see K actually meet release timetables, and not have a bunch of miscues when they don't release. Finally, lets see what happens when things do go wrong and support needs to respond quickly and decisively. Then we can start singing their praise.