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Kaseya Support response times

  • How satisfied have you been with Kaseya support? 

    I recently put in what I believed to be a simple question and I have been waiting a week for a response that was more than the first line of defense that said I need to escalate this.  Overall in the past I haven't found support to be too helpful and I am hard pressed to continue to pay for support.  I use Kaseya for internal support so I don't have a business that is dependent on it though.  On a side note Kaseya seems to primarily be used by MSPs while not having many internal support clients.

  • Support sometimes can be slow.  I seem to get decent response times if I call up after creating a ticket though.

  • I have recently rec'd the same kind of answer to a ticket I submitted. It seems that the major part of the issue I have with support is lack of communication from tier 2 to us. Tier 1 gave me pretty quick responses, but as soon as he pushed it up to the next level, I did not hear anything until the issue was fixed. My perception is the next level is probably working on the issue, and it may take several days for them to resolve it. However, this was never communicated to me, nor was I given the quick "touch" follow ups letting me know I haven't been forgotten, but this will take time to resolve. So in the end I see this as a failure of communications by tier 2, or by whatever process that K support uses to make sure this communication happens.

    However, in the end my issue does get fixed to my satisfaction. This does not mean lack of communications is condoned, just that I do believe K support does fix my issues when they arise.