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*ALL* Monitor set not working as expected

  • I have applied monitor set that monitors ALL Automatic services.  When I get alarms for services that are not critical  I change those services to manual or disable them.  Even after doing that I am still receiving alerts from the monitor set.  ...  When I go to Live Connect and Task Manager Kaseya displays the service as Disabled / Manual as well but somehow the monitor set still thinks its automatic service that is stopped and triggers alarms.


    Any ideas????


  • I have the same issue, I have logged a case with support and will let you know what comes of it (but that will probably be in about 2 weeks time). Make sure you have update lists by scan scheduled too. Monitor>Edit>Update lists by scan.

    see also community.kaseya.com/.../2778.aspx

  • Hi all,

    Just a quick thanks for the cross post (I actually don't mind it, it keeps the ideas flowing)

    I authored that thread and it appears i drew the ire of devout supporters of those wishing to defeat the purpose of having an automation system.

    I am thinking i will put something to the developers, i REALLY don't understand why you can do what you are asking in SNMP Monitoring but not Service monitoring.

    thanks again, this reply was mainly so i get notfied if Kaseya steps in to say something.