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Advise for Kaseya Config

  • Hey guys. I have been using Kaseya for about 3 months. We have about 100 agents deployed, 10 of which are servers. All of our clients are small businesses with 1 sbs server and roughly 10 computers.

    I just wanted to know what advise you guys would give to do for setting up kaseya.

    Here is what we have done so far:

    Run malwarebytes 1ce a week
    monitor for hard drive errors, and many other even log things
    perform patches once a week
    run defrag once a month

    Any other advise on what to monitor for or what automated scripts to run?

    Any help is appreciated. Thanks guys!

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  • Malware and AntiVirus should provide real-time protection. The script that runs AV and Anti-Malware scans once per week should use a different technology than what you use for real-time protection.

    Get your hardware monitoring of servers right. We use HP products and have these setup via Insight Manager to notify of failure and pre-failure events (check with your supplier of hardware as to what is available).

    The biggest success we had is implementing a workstation lockdown. It removes admin credentials for the user and removes ability to change stuff through the control panel. Many users were creating their own problems due to mis-configuration. The lockdown takes this out of the equation.

    The best suggestion I can make is....
    Check your incoming support tickets. If there are a lot of one type of problem. Then scripting a fix to your most common issue will be the best option for you.

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