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  • Hi all...

    Just a quick question: has anyone managed to get a Desktop Access window bigger than the default 800x600 Confused ???
    Note: we're using K2...

    I haven't found anything related to it in the Live Connect settings under System Mad .

    I've also been looking for a while in the forums... and didn't find anything either Red Faced

    Thanks for any reply

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  • We just have the customer use the rdp and pick full screen. Everthing works ok in RDP. In live connect with winvnc it is a pain having only half the screen.

    Haven't had any problems with clients with resolution when full screen is clicked.

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  • Thanks... but I already knew it works using the Full Screen Option.

    What I'm trying to achieve though is to avoid having to navigate away from my browser:
    The Full Screen option launches a separate RDP window, whereas in the normal mode, the RDP session is embedded in your browser. If you need to check some Audit data from agent, it implies navigating away from your RDP session by bringing your browser on the foreground, then going into the Audit Information.

    On the other hand, launching your RDP session within your browser enable you to be working both in the Audit pane and the RDP session without leaving the browser...

    It might saves only a few clicks, but when you have a lot of applications running at the same time on your workstation, you can get upset with having to search for your RDP session in the system tray... especially when these only states "".

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