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Designing a Dashboard - What to include

  • Hi folks,

    We are building a dashboard for our clients and I am looking for ideas of what you guys think would be important to have on it.

    It is being built in ASP and we are linking to our Kaseya and Connectwise DB's.

    So questions

    If you were a client and were looking at a dashboard of your network what would you think would be worth while seeing.

    We want to keep it as neat and tidy as we can but show as much useful clear information as we can.

    Obvious ones are Servers Online / Offline

    Any thoughts or brainwaves.



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  • How grandiose are you looking to make this Dashboard? Will you have drill-down reports that users can gain more information about specific topics (i.e. asset tracking info)?

    You will probably want to start with whatever you are being held responsible for by your client/contract. Give them visibility to see the great job you are doing.

    Off the cuff I would want to see the following:
    - Servers Online/Offline (as you stated)
    - Maybe include Availability for the past X days/months
    - CW Ticket Status (New/In Progress/Closed)
    - Maybe SLA status if you track that
    - A Quick List of
    - Antivirus Status (installed/running/up to date)
    - Spam Statistics (depending on what you use and how easy to integrate)
    - Backup Statistics (success/failed)
    - Include restores?
    - Numbers of Servers/Workstations being monitored. (I've run into a few discrepancies recently.)
    - I like showing performance stats on servers, especially drive space to help with planning

    On a deeper dive I would say to add asset tracking information (hardware, software, warranty information) and possibly a longer period of performance statistics reports.

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  • Hi Dave,

    Not really sure whats going to be in it - we are building a portal for clients to do drill down etc / kinda one stop shop for clients.

    We have created performance trending graphs for all the counters also.

    The dashboard idea was to give them a dashboard so they could display it in house if they wanted on a screen but it would be linked to our system.

    Thanks for your feedback also, obviously not many others have thoughts on this topic.


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  • While you're at designing a dashboard for your clients, make sure you don't leave your technicians out of it. Not sure how Kaseya trained all your guys are, but most of mine still call me to build simple reports listing names, OS, user, etc. One thing I really liked on with our last RMM tool before Kaseya was the ability to have 1 click/screen that shows the last X hours of performance and alerts/tickets for a particular server or client. There is some of that in the Dashboards in Kaseya, but the performance stuff is severly lacking.

    I actually developed a reporting dashboard for clients several years ago with our old RMM tool. This was available for about 2-3 years and during that time I tracked a total of 6 logins, from only 2 clients. When we switched to pushing out reports via PDF/email we got a much better response from clients as the data was thrust infront of their eyes. One thing we missed was training our Sales staff on their customer's portals and having them walk through them with the clients during a visit. Remember that the technology could be outstanding, but it will seem like a waste of time/resources if it's not used.

    Feel free to PM me in the future if you want to discuss this more in depth.

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  • Hi Dave,

    Yeah conscious of clients not using it but our sales guys are selling the idea so just want to get it up and running.

    We have a lot of ideas in the bank for internal use particularly on the client / kaseya front just not enough hours in the day.

    Thanks for your feedback - might touch base with you maybe we can share some ideas.


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