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Migrating WinXP to Win7

  • Ok, so I've seen Kaseya demonstration videos of them being able to upgrade WinXP to Windows7. Very cool feature. Even on reboots, the agent still works, not sure exactly how.

    In any event, has anyone attempted this? And how, where do we get the instructions to setup such a feat? I'd like to setup some test WinXP machines with profiles and migrate everything over to Windows7.

    But where are the instructions to do so??

  • I've done it in house, and would not, let me stress that with my caps lock key and a bunch of bangs, WOULD NOT!!!!!! suggest doing it in a production environment.

  • Thanks, I think I am going to heed your warning.

    This feature seems more like a "wow" factor. Look what we can do sorta thing, but something that should never really be blindly rolled out....

    How did you figure this out though? I'd like to at least see if I can make it happen in house. Does Kaseya provide documentation?

  • We need to migrate a bunch of machines as well.   Is there any "best practices" that anyone has?

    Anything to look out for?

    What method did you finally use?

  • I would also like to try this. Did anyone find directions or instructions for this procedure????