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  • Hi Guys,

    New Kaseya user here and I have a quick question.

    What version is everyone's Kaseya running on? We purchased ours late last year (2009) and is on Kaseya Managed Services Edition : 2008 (SP1) -

    I have been getting prompted to upgrade but reading K6 is coming out should I just wait until then and do a full upgrade or are there significant changes now that I could use??? Confused

    We have support contract until summer and our old rep told us any future upgrades/versions will be free so as long as you have valid support contract. So is this a fairly accurate statement from him?


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  • V5.1 is the most current version until K2 is released, reportedly next week.

    Having paid up maintenance, which is included normally in the first year after purchase, entitles you to all updates, hotfixes, patch management etc.

    There have been various reports of using the imminent release of K2 and the corresponding pricing increases as a carrot to get people to buy more licenses sooner rather than later.

    My understanding is if you have current maintenance, you are entitled to the full K2 functionality as it stands today. This does not include add-ons such as BUDR, KES and KUSM, which are extra cost modules.

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