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This is an announcement from a group in Atlanta that is forming peer groups. I'm considering, but it would be more beneficial if there were a few more Kaseya users.

Atlanta Technology Force Enters MSP Peer Group Arena With Cutting-Edge MSP Centrifuge Offering

Discovering, Developing and Implementing MSP industry best practices methods for the benefit of the service provider and the service recipient.

DULUTH, GA, OCTOBER 11, 2010 – Atlanta Technology Force is proud to announce the beginning of The MSP Centrifuge Peer Group, an application-centric peer group for Managed Service Providers of all sizes. What really sets apart the MSP Centrifuge from other MSP Peer Groups is the unification of both the remote management tool platform and the PSA platform used by various providers.

Kevin Gibson, Vice President at Atlanta Technology Force said “The reason we felt led to start our own peer group was simple; we have been involved in various groups over the years but never could really solve any business specific issues since the different members all used different platforms to run their businesses. Our idea is to put like-minded individuals who use the same business application together to attack the problems at the application or vendor level.”

The new MSP Centrifuge groups are built on the following principles and ideas:
• Bring together, on a routine basis, like minded MSP operators who use the same line of business applications and are dedicated to contributing to the group
• Openly discuss business best practices as it relates to finance, marketing, sales, technical and administration methods for the enrichment of all the members
• Discuss issues, concerns, wants, needs and ‘MUST HAVES’ related to the line of business applications the membership utilizes
• Determine the best of breed vendors with whom we will collaborate

• Create and maintain best practices repository which members can contribute or pull from at anytime
• Deliver our primary shared issues, concerns, wants, needs and ‘MUST HAVES’ directly to a senior contact for the line of business application in question in the hopes of driving innovation, development and fixes
• Build relationships with third party best of breed vendors to help drive integration into the line of business applications the membership uses
• Build an industry recognized group membership that is exclusive and considered a badge of honor as it relates to industry service providers and service recipients

• Leverage group buying power with shared vendors to maximize profit
• Utilize the best practices methods in our businesses
• Collaboration on Projects
• Employee resource swapping to gain a new perspective on business practices
• Business mentoring within the membership

MSP’s looking for that ensures efficiencies and profits and willing to share your best practices with like-minded business men and women in the IT industry in the hopes of developing an industry standard are encouraged to apply for membership.

We are forming groups with Labtech/CW and Kaseya/CW as the initial groups. More info at http://www.themspcentrifuge.com