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Kaseya Support - Gone on holidays?

  • Perhaps they are off until 3 Kings Day? Over the Christmas holiday I had a critical ticket ignored for a week until I escalated the issue. Same thing appears to be happening now.....no response or even polite acknowledgement of receipt for a critical issue clearly explained as such. Guess I'll have to start bitching again on Monday to get it looked at.

    Clearly whatever improvements they might have made when they were bragging about the focus on service have disappeared.

    Having V2 push tickets through the portal doesn't appear to be working either....didn't even get an automated aknowledgement there and had to fall back to email.

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  • Did anyone else notice that Alan's last "Support Progress Report" in the Announcements forum was back at end of Sept? It's almost ironical, since he's mirroring the inconsistencies of their support dept by not posting timely survey updates Confused

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  • All I can say is I have two open tickets that have received no response. At this point it is pretty frustrating. I know they are trying to roll out the new software and keep everyone happy which I know is difficult to do but even a response of we are busy working on other things or some posted bulletin that shows progress would be helpful. One of the main reasons I purchased Kaseya over their competitors was because our rep led us to believe in the 3rd quarter of last year we would have a logmein type remote control. We are now two quarters past that and I don't see a logmein type control with K2. Our systems do meet their requirements though I'm sure it would run better on x64 SQL 2008 and Server 08 but I haven't been able to get the help to do that. I still see a backend of VNC in the K2 updated release we have. VNC in my opinion is horrible even on a LAN network environment to provide remote support. Am I missing something or does K2 still backend on VNC? Anyway those are my thoughts and questions. I will say it is interesting the reports stopped on their support progress.


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