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VSA Login with Active Directory

  • Has anyone used the feature that lets you use your domain credentials when logging into Kaseya? If so, how well does it work? Does it pick up on AD password changes correctly, etc?
    Is there a different way to enable it outside of each user going to System -> Preferences?


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  • We use this authentication method for both our administrators and for our client remote access logins.

    After you schedule a LAN watch on a AD Server (under Agent > LAN Watch) you can then go to Agent > View AD Users. From here you can view the Active directory users and choose to create a user (client login) or Admin.

    This does pick up on ad password changes. When the user goes to log into the VSA, it queries the AD Server each time to authenticate. This process usually takes a few seconds but it allows for an acurate login each time.

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