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No Emails from Event Log Alerts

  • I can't get Kaseya to send me an email for any monitored events in the Event logs. I've set these up Under the Monitor, Alerts section. I see the entries for them in the Agent Logs but no email ever goes out. There is some disconnect somewhere & I can't seem to find it. I've sent a test email Under System, Configure which is received fine. Anyone have any idea where I might go from here ?

    Don Fievet

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  • Are you getting any email from the Kaseya server?

    Is SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) installed on the Kaseya server?

    You can also test SMTP by stopping the SMTP service, then send a test email from kaseya. A text file (the test email) should be created in the \inetpub\mailroot\pickup directory. (Usually on drive CSmile

    Then start the SMTP service. The text file should be removed from the pickup directory.

    If the above works, then Kaseya is sending email. The problem may be in a router or firewall blocking port 25...


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  • Use a Report:
    Go to the Reports tab. Use the "Alarm" report, and put the email address that the alarm is configured to go to in the box labeled "Filter on email address alarm was sent to (use * for wildcards):"

    Set the range to cover a time you *know* an alert was triggered, and run the report (be sure to check the "Ignore machines without data" box or you will get a large and mostly useless result).

    If you see the alerts you *know* are being triggered in this report, it means the KServer is sending something, somewhere... if you don't get anything back, you need to make sure the alert is being triggered!

    To make sure the alert is being triggered, go to the Monitor tab, Alarm Summary function, and check that Alerts are actually getting triggered...

    If alerts are triggering but no emails are evident in the Report, doublecheck that the Alert settings under the event logs have the "E" box checked (of the A-T-S-E set) and have the correct destination email address filled in.

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  • I had the same problem.
    Technically some sort of problem still exists, but a work around, so that you can get your email alerts, is to create a Smart Host on the KServer.
    It worked for me.

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