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  • I've been using kaseya for a few months. I've been putting off the SNMP monitoring until now. I'm being asked to monitor network equipment, printers, etc for our customers. I'm really struggling with SNMP, I read the documentation a few times. I've downloaded tons of MIBs from mibdepot.com. I've done a Lan Watch and enabled the SNMP scanning portion. Some SNMP devices are discovered. I assume Kaseya has these preloaded. But I have no idea how to set these up. I think if I can do it for a switch and a printer that maybe I can understand it. Without trying to be too vague. I'll give an example of what I want to do and maybe someone out there can give me suggestions on how to achieve it. For example, I have several HP laser jet 2600 printers. I have the MIB, I load the MIB, the MIB says it was successfully loaded. I go to the tree and I do not see any HP info in that tree. Am I supposed to? How do I find out if that MIB was loaded, I want to know if the printer is low on toner, paper, or if its off the network. Kaseya shows the device as a HP Multienviroment or something like that. I also have Adtran routers and switches, I simply want to see if the router is up/down and collisions, etc. Basically, how do I load the MIB correctly? How can I verify its loaded. Are there any general HP printer monitors I can try. Any help is appreciated!

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  • I would suggest loading one MIB at a time.

    If you load a MIB and don't see anything in the tree - you may need to open a support ticket.


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  • So basically here's how it goes:
    You load the MIB, and are wondering where is all the stuff you want to find?
    The problem is this: you probably have an interminable string like . and all you see is this tree view in the "Add MIB Object" function that shows iso.org.dod, then iso.org.dod.internet, then mgmt, directory, etc...

    The stuff you're looking for is going to be under "Private", then "Enterprises", then "HP", and further on down the line.

    How do you find the branch you want, given just the numerical MIB location? Trial and error, basically... unless your MIB definitions also provide the "wordy" descriptions of each field...

    So you go down through the tree, pick the items you want to be able to add, check them all, scroll back up and hit "Add MIB Objects"

    Then, when you are defining your SNMP set in the Edit => SNMP Sets function, those things you added in "Add MIB Object" will be available to you.

    The fun doesn't end there, though, because as you add them you might want to do an operator that just isn't available; and example would be "laLoad" (which is the "load" number on a Linux box)... You'd like to say something like "If load is over 2 for 30 seconds, alarm..." but you'd be caught out there, since the only operators available for that variable are "Changed", "Equal" and "NotEqual"... not the most helpful application of something that is already difficult enough to get!

    But despite this, and working with the limitations, you can usually find a counter that will at least give you *some* reach into devices that can't have an agent on them, and that's better than nothing, right?

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  • This post from this thread may help some...

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