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Machine names

  • Hello all,

    As a rule, we always name our computers the dell service tag (if it's a dell...)

    Recently someone imaged some machines at one of or clients, and now some machine names don't match their asset tags...

    Is there a script we can use that will compare computer names to their serial numbers or asset tags, and report back which ones do not match?

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  • SystemSummary.txt
    If you have deployed or can deploy Dell's Open Manage Client Instrumention (OMCI) on the systems, you can use the attached VB script to get the system information. Please note that Dell OMCI only works on Optiplex, Latitute, and Precision models. You can modify the script to only gather the system tag if you desire. It seems it has to be ran with administrator rights or at least it did on my Vista system. You have couple options on how to proceed:

    1. Run the VB script redirecting it's output. Get the output and write it to the script log and then run a report on the script log. Review the report to find those that are different.

    2. Along with option 1, you could enhance the VB script to do more for you. It could get the computer name and compare it then only output the information if tthey are different or it could also change the computer name if desired.

    Good luck,


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  • An additional option would be to use Microsoft Excel to connect to the Kaseya Database Views.

    I don;t have the super specific steps, but at the top level, it would look liek this:

    The vMachine View has columns for Machine_GroupID, machName, groupName and ChassisAssetTag.

    Once in Excel format, you could compare the cell for machName for the cell for ChassisAssetTag, and set a flag in another cell to True or False or something, and then filter on those that do not match.

    Hope this helps!


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