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  • I have recently implemented the SMEE of Kaseya.  We have a need to provide a wiki or knowledge base type solution for the IT staff, as well as end users.  I believe Kaseya offers a module that may handle this need.  I'm looking for feedback on using the Kaseya product to facilitate this.  Any and all responses are welcomed and appreciated. 



  • You're looking for the Service Desk module which includes the option for a Knowledge Base.  We're currently Service Desk users but haven't implemented the knowledge base portion yet - thats on my infinite ToDo list...

    I can tell you that the Service Desk is pretty good - there is a lot of tweaking available and the users have responded positively to the upgrade from K5 Ticketing.  Maybe someone who is using the Knowledge Base can reply with more details...

  • Thanks for the quick reply!  Just talked with my rep, and unfortunately, SMEE does not allow for adding on additional modules.  Looks like I will have to look elsewhere for now.  Thanks again!

  • Heh, sorry about that.  We're using EE so all modules are available (as far as i know).