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  • We are currently testing the BU-DR module and are getting ready to go to the field with it.

    There are some short comings with the scheduling. I had heard that the next version will have better scheduling capabilities.

    My question is -- Any one that is testing the next version, is the scheduling better? Is it worth waiting to release BU-DR until the next version comes out?


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  • The scheduling piece in K6 is a hell of a lot better than the one we currently use. It reminds me a lot of the scheduler in Arcserve and Veritas. However, it has not been integrated with the BUDR module yet (it is in the scripts and reporting modules). I don't know if it will be done by the time K6 is released, or it will be in the next release of BUDR.

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  • Can anyone give a known estimate when K6 is set to be released?

    For a while now it's been: slated to be relesed in the next month or two...

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  • K6 is supposed to be released (in stages) starting around the end of July (ish). Be aware that K probably will not commit to the release date until they are confident that the product won't kill us (like it did when K2008 came out). So don't be surprised if it gets pushed back a little.

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  • I would be much more content with a pushed back date than to have a repeate of K2008.

    However being able to deliver something in a timely fashion is also key.

    But less important than #u^k!ng up our infastructure and day to day operations singlehandedly.

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  • Thanks Guys. Gives myself and others a better perspective.

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  • The other thing that Kaseya is doing is opening up the beta to more people. I think most of us have to admit that our curiosity abount K2008 is what prompted us to rush in an install it and not that it had functionality we had to have or that Kaseya said we must install it.

    So if we control our cusiosity by doing the beta in nice secure test evinornment and keep Kaseya update we should have great results.

    Of course even after K2008 snafu, I like many of you are running KES 2.1 (beta) in production.

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  • Well I for one hope K6 is a vast improvement over all previous versions in all respects. To be quite honest I'm gettings really sick of the timesink that Kaseya is for me - I thought the whole point was meant to be the opposite...

    If something isn't working properly, the time I have to spend trying to resolve the issue for me outweighs trying to automate the task in the first place. I rarely even bother with Kaseya Support any more. Our sales representative is on the phone constantly and via email pushing this that or the other, but when it comes to support issues Kaseya don't really want to know.

    The list of problems I have on a continual basis are really annoying; remote control works then it doesn't, patches fail to install, the missing patches total in Kaseya rarely tallys with Windows Update site, scripts work fine on one machine but not on another practically identical machine in the same organisation - the list is endless.

    My lastest gripe is that I have just installed KES 2.1 to test with a view to selling it - The issues with it are immense but support don't want to know - they tell me they are looking into it but then I hear nothing back for days and days (apart from our Kaseya Sales rep of course asking if we want to buy it...wtf?)

    From a support providers point of view, I would have huge moral issues taking a monthly fee from a client under the guise of ongoing support, then failing to provide that support. I wonder if it's because of the number of clients we have bought... I wonder if someone who has bought more agents on a regular basis gets better support...

    I believe in managed services, but I am losing faith rapidly with the software we wish to control our managed services. We are a small organisation and as such I don't have the time to spend endless hours and hours resolving Kaseya related issues which I believe should work out of the box (especially given that we are now in version 5! almost 6) with very little help from the software provider itself.

    We want to move all of our clients to managed services and take on new clients with managed services, but we have an excellent reputation for providing a first class service at a reasonable price and I would be loath to jeopardise that with software that doesn't work as intended and takes an age to fix.

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