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LAN Watch Discovery and Installing Agents

  • Guys,

    Apologies from the start if the answer to this question is already somewhere else or if this is being posted in the wrong product Forum, etc, etc. being a first time poster (just got activated) on this Forum we all have to start somewhere.

    We've been deploying agents to our clients now for a few months and I've come across a number of responses in the Install Agents section after running a LAN Watch. Most of the agents (all with the correct Domain Admin credentials) are installing successfully, however there are three/four machines which give responses such as;

    'The system cannot find the file specified'
    'Agent package ran on [Machine Name]'
    'The network path was not found'
    'Logon Failure: Target account name was incorrect'
    'Access is denied'
    'The format of the specified network name is invalid'
    and so on...

    Some of these make a bit of sense, but is there a KB or previous thread which explains where possible what each of these ERRORs mean?

    Have to say, ...liking Kaseya, alot........

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  • Hi Anthony, Welcome to the Kaseya community!

    I've had some issues similar to this as well. I've had a ticket open in the past about some issues that we were having with LAN Watch and unfortunately, it ended with development effectively stating there's nothing wrong with it / they don't know why we are receiving that message.

    In short, they mentioned that responses can only be received after running psexec on the remote machine. Surprisingly, they didn't have a KB article to point me to.

    Sorry I couldn't be more help,


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  • They probably dont have a KB article on requiring PSEXEC as it is stated as a requirement in the help file. I had problems getting it to work, untill I finally gave up and read the help screen. Once I had done that it all sprung into life.

    Must admit I tend to follow the 'If all else fails, read the manual' approach.

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  • Hi Anthony,

    Have a look at KB articles 279402 and 270445.

    Hope this helps.



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  • Anthony,

    We're a new service provider using Kaseya and ran into some of the same issues. I've narrowed down this issue to a few things on Active Directory networks.

    Stale PTR Records
    NetBIOS resolution

    Kaseya scans the LAN for IP's and MAC's; It would appear that IP's are resolved using the DNS settings for the LANSCAN machine. If you have stale records for DHCP hosts in AD and new hosts have not registered, this will cause the reversed host to be an old machine name. When Kaseya deploys it would appear that a forward lookup is done, causing many of these errors. If you nslookup the IP and Host forward/reverse you will see them produce different results.

    My solution was to blow away the LANSCAN data away and go onto the DC's at the site. Delete all of the machine PTR records and forward lookup values. Be careful not to delete other static records, such as severs or other types;

    Run a ipconfig /register DNS using a script on all the current machines so that they register with DNS and create PTR's. It also helps if you have Kaseya setup to force agent names to be the same of the machines.

    Run another LANSCAN and see what you come up with,

    Look up MAC addresses for IP's that have names which will not resolve. This is sometimes a NETBIOS name I think, like a printer. Kaseya does not seem to attempt a lookup through this method and quickly fails.


    Matthew Chambers
    Systems Security Engineer
    Corporate IT Solutions

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