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Advice Needed on Web Customisation

  • To explain a little, we are a MSP and recently purchased Kaseya. We have customized the user landing page with the company logo etc.

    This is where it get tricky we also have a telco that are subcontracting their customer IT support to us, but are wanting to have a separate user landing page with their logo and details, so this allows their customer to believe they are visiting the telcos portal.

    1/ Can this be done

    2/ Do I need a asp programmer to do it or is their functionality within kaseya to do this easily.

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  • It is not possible in the current feature set to have seperate customizations for individual admins. Also we do not support any customizations made outside of the System > Customize function.

    This is on the roadmap to be included in a future release.

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  • Nothing is "not possible" given the right amount of effort.

    When you double click the Kaseya icon to get the user screen, you can get access to a session variable that will let you know what the machineGUID is and from there you can get the machineID and groupID.

    Once you have the group ID, you can use ASP to link the entire page to a new custom portal. You could also replace the "URL of top frame" with an ASP link that looks at the groupID and then displays the correct image based on the GroupID.

    Also the "Default text displayed on the user welcome page" doesn't nessecarily need to be just text. You can place javascript in this and using window.open to link to a full webpage.

    And no Kaseya probably doesn't support this. But in discussing some of this with Kaseya, I don't get the feeling there going to drop me as a customer for making the most of what is available to me.

    If you need more details drop me an email.


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  • Thanks Doug, this is probably what I will have to do and if Kaseya would drop someone over this as a customer then its a loss to them.

    How we brand our websites is not kaseyas concern, as long as we use there software and not someone elses, as there is plenty of choice.

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  • I tried this.

    The problem is that Kaseya's update feature simply overwrites Kaseya files. Any edits you make are often quickly replaced.

    I've tried ACL and read-only remedies on my ASP files to no avail.

    You could monitor your ASP files and replace Kaseya's updates with your version... but good luck.

    Note: I don't think this is a file-protection/Kaseya brand protection issue. I think it's an issue of laziness when they were coding the update procedure.

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  • Agree that Kaseya overwrites many of the ASP files during updates and I don't suggest replacing or modifing their files. What I recommend is creating a new directory c:\Kaseya\WebPages\mycustoms and creating new web pages in there.

    If you include the following at the top of a page called by a custom link on a user login, Kaseya will provide an ASP variable called "sessionAdmin" that contains either the authenticated login name or the machine GUID.

    Once you have this you can use views to get what ever information you want.

    If in customizations, you specifiy an ASP page for your header, you should be able to use the above to identify the group and then identify which logo to show on the page.

    This leaves all of the standard Kaseya pages and menus in tack but allows you to expand what an ASP page can do.

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