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Updated to SP1

  • At long last, we got around to updating to SP1 on Friday. The upgrade went ok, although progress was slow during some of the conversion process (likely due to our hardware). We also added some more memory to the machine while we were at it, and it's happier now.

    Updating all of our client machines to the new version of the agent appears to have been smooth sailing as well. There was a report of one laptop crashing, although there's no evidence to suggest that the laptop crashed due to the upgrade. In fact, it appears to have crashed about 45 minutes prior to the agent update, and the agent wasn't updated until this morning when the laptop was restarted.

    All in all, smooth sailing. Maybe now it'll correctly report on the hardware on some of our servers that has been migrated to virtual machines...

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  • We upgraded the server from 4.8 on Saturday and a couple hundred agents on Sunday. It went pretty smoothly, pretty uneventful (that's a good thing). Had to reapply the schema once and I have some work to do with backup, but nothing too major.

    Really looking forward to using some of the new features. Thanks Kaseya!!!

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  • We upgraded from 5.0 to 5.1 at the beginning of October and it went very well. After the 5.0 upgrade I wanted to give this one a month to make sure it ran ok before giving it a thumbs up or down. We actually migrated to a new server running Windows Server 2003 64-bit with SQL2005 64-bit from an older Windows Server 2003 32-bit server with sql2000. Nick in support gave me the basics of what would need to be done so I could to it after hours. His suggestions were spot on and even where he said I might have problems the resolutions he suggested worked as well. Thanks Nick!

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