Does Kaseya revoke access to the "Empowered training" and videos posted online after 1 year? Do they allow partners to continue to watch these videos and any new content indefinitely as long as we pay support?

I thought I remembered something about only having access to this for a year.

Also we purchased a product called "Kaseya 2008" just around the time it came out and we continue to pay for updates. I realize Kaseya 2008 is just versoin 5.0 but everything we bought says "K2008-XXXX" for SKUs, etc.

I'm wondering do we get free upgrades to "Kaseya 2009" or whatever future product is released or only the service packs?

Are we all going to have to pony up for a new version or is this part of the annual support we all pay 20% for? As we near the end of 2008 I wonder how long they'll continue to call it Kaseya 2008 and I wonder what this means for those of us who purchased "Kaseya 2008"?

Sorry for all the questions - I figured this would be a good place to get a better understanding. Our sales rep didn't have all the answers which leaves me wondering about this one.

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