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Turning PCs off at night, and patching

  • I have had several clients approach me about the benefit and recommendation of shutting down computers at night and on weekends for the purpose of saving energy (and dollars.)

    The biggest concern of shutting computers off every night is the fact that they would never get patched unless you scheduled patching during working hours, which is not such a good idea...

    One idea would be to have a script that would shut the specified workstations down at, say, 6pm on weekdays (except Fridays) and let the users turn them back on in the morning. You could do the patches Friday night and then issue a shutdown command afterward. This would preclude the requisite reboot since the computer will be power cycled anyway.

    Obviously, these computers are not vPro, so I cannot turn them back on via kaseya.

    Has anyone had experience with this sort of thing? With the price of electricity going up and profits generally flat or down, I expect to get more requests. Of course, this stirs up the debate of whether it is better to leave them on, or turn them off at night. My research shows that if you have more than a handful of computers, the savings could be significant.


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  • Even if the machines are not Vpro based you may be able to use Wake-On-Lan (WOL) if its supported by the machine. In that case you would need to:-

    Enable WOL on the Desktop machine, typically in the BIOS.
    Have 1 machine locally which isnt going to be 'put to sleep' Server which will run the WOL executable and target the local workstations.

    Then Schedule

    • WOL
    • Patch,maintenance etc
    • Shutdown

    There are discussons in the forum on using WOL which also talk about utilities that you can use to set up WOL and executables to use to Wake up the sleeping systems. Just search for WOL

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  • There's a lot of benefits to "going green", the most obvious of which is saving a few dollars on power. When the number of PCs at a client site gets into the hundreds, those dollars aren't really negligible any more. However, if the PCs don't currently support WOL or vPro, then this is likely going to be quite a bit more trouble than it's worth. The reality is that the money they save on power will seem quite small with regards to what they would need to shell out in the event that their network is compromised, and it only takes one PC or server to let that happen. Leaving PCs on 24/7 isn't a great solution, but it will ensure that the network is secure if you do your job. Keep remote wake-up ability in the back of your mind for the next time the client does a technology refresh or purchases a few new PCs.

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  • We typically run all of our patch scans, maint, audits, etc. after hours.. generally in the time span between 6 and 8 pm, followed by the shutdown.exe script on all of the machines.

    We have written into the contract that it is the client's responsibility to ensure that all machines are logged off, but left on each evening so that we can do what we need to do with negligible impact on the network during business hours, and make sure that each and every machine is turned off at night. This is the trade off for having to leave the machines on a few extra hours each evening.

    WOL has been hit or miss for us; we're an MSP that, currently, doesn't touch the PCs before they end up at our client's site. Having to go to each location to enable BIOS (the Dell Client Utility has been about 50%-60% successful in remote enabling) doesn't make much sense.

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  • Take a look at Faronics Power Save:


    I was speaking with my partner rep about it the other day and was told it's possible to use it to schedule Wake-on-LAN, shutdown, or restart events.

    Also in a number of markets rebates up to 100% are available:


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  • Simple Kaseya scripts can schedule shutdown, restart and WoL events for you. Why introduce the added complexity of another product?

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