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Conference Survey: Advice you have for Kaseya management on improving tech support?

  • I am attending the conference this weekend and want to present a list of suggestions to Kaseya tech support management as to what problems we all experience and suggestions on how to improve tech support.

    My own suggestions:

    1) Support via phone: implement a computerized queue that informs callers of the number of callers ahead of them and anticipated wait time. Howe many of us have waited on hold for hours, only to eventually hang up in frustration?

    2) Support via ticketing:
    a) Why not inform us of anticipated response time, # tickets ahead of us - just like a phone-based support system could do?

    b) Become *accountable* for tickets. That means one or more Kaseya staff should use their own software to monitor unresolved/open tickets. Too many times I think their system fails because a ticket is dispatched to a tech, but that tech is out of office, overloaded etc. If someone had the job of consistently monitoring open tickets, making sure they were assigned to a tech and most importantly - that timely followup(s) happen!

    3) Tech support replies: too many times I receive a quick terse reply to a ticket that never really answers the question. They should consider that newer users will require more in-depth answers/explanations. Also, many times if they took an extra minute or two to FULLY read and FULLY answer the question(s), the ticket would probably not only get closed, but STAY CLOSED! The goal of tech support should be to truly resolve the issue in as few communications as possible. It wastes both the customer's and Kaseya's time to have to re-open a ticket and ask for more information...

    4) Communications: this is a pet peeve of mine with Kaseya: I email a salesperson, a tech or other Kaseya employee and request a "Read Receipt" in the emails' options. Most of the time nobody takes the time to send back the read receipt. Why? It only takes a second to click on an [OK] button. IMO - the only time anyone should not send a receipt is if they are going to reply immediately. I remember a tech support manager saying:
    "Confirming read reciepts is in my opinion a personal preference, speaking for my self I get so many e-mails daily and have so much going on on my screen that tend to either ignore the pop up and not get around to seeing it till later or just have it never ask me that question again. Just the most efficient way for me to work through my e-mails."

    Well, sounds like this manager needs more staff if he can't even click on an [OK] button. Plus, doesn't it take just as long to cancel the receipt - as it does to send it? Maybe he really just does not want to be accountable Sad

    5) Forum participation: Kaseya needs to get much more involved in its forums. Suggestions from others include adding a read-only section that lists common problems and solutions, known bugs and estimated ETA for a resolution. Kaseya should also participate more frequently and rapidly in answering questions customers have posted. Think about it: if they answer a question and resolve the issue for the author - then they will likely have solved it for others using the forum! That menas less tickets and phone calls for them! What could be easier?

    So, feel free to add your own topics that can be presented at the upcoming conference...



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  • Mike, you hit the nail on the head on what to bring up at the conference. They need to improve communications with their customers (with regards to support issues). There have been a few times where I have a ticket sitting out there and it "looks like" no one is working on it. Then 2 weeks later I get a call or email saying this issue is fixed (sometimes it is, sometimes it isn't). But that gap in-between reporting the issue and getting a response is unsatisfactory. In other words, they need to stop following the "jimmy swaggart" approach (do as I say and not as I do) with using their helpdesk system and start using it as they know how it should be used!

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  • Make the techs accountable for poor responses to tickets. A terse 7 word response that makes it clear the tech did not really read the ticket because it has little to do with the issue is unacceptable. Especially when it then turns into another multiple day turnaround time to get another response. We need a venue to self escalate tickets that are going nowhere.

    We pay far too much $$$ in fees for such poor service.

    Agreed on communication, they need to keep us informed on ticket status and have a venue to see the current known issues. That would eliminate so much confusion and frustration.

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  • Agreed on accountability. I've had several instances where a ticket has been updated by myself, and I'll get zero response for weeks. Then I've opened a new ticket and all of a sudden there's a response to the old ticket. It seems like updating the ticket doesn't notify anyone, and nobody is checking for open tickets.

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  • I think we should also ask them to post a sticky in this forum that explains how they manage our tickets. What happens when we use VSA or email in a ticket? Are new tickets handled differently than existing ones. I too have had tickets that get no response, then I create another new one and get a somewhat prompt update to it. Why is my old ticket not being addressed? All that tells me is that they do not monitor their ticket queue...

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  • Biggest single annoyance for me is closing calls without checking that the customer agrees the call is closed.

    Granted you can go to far the other way but to close every call first action without waiting for customer feedback does rather make it look like you care more for your call stats then for customer satisfaction

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  • nviner - I agree, Kaseya sometimes does like to close tickets without first confirming with us that the issue is truly resolved. Maybe they could add another Status of "Close Pending" that would auto-close the ticket in some # days unless customer updates the ticket (either by email or VSA). That would help those of us that filter our tickets using the "Not Closed" option. As it is now, once Kaseya chooses to close one of my tickets, it no longer displays on my filtered list in the VSA...

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  • Mike, are you also compiling a list of functionality improvements? If so I would like to recommend these two options for External Monitoring - System Check:
    The ability to limit the total amount of alerts sent per item.
    The ability to send a recovery alert email when items have recovered.

    P.S. I envy you for going to the conference.

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  • Hi CCarter - Since I am so new to Kaseya I'm probably not the best person for passing along enhancement requests. Instead, I am going to focus solely on all the support issues that have slowed me down...

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  • How about Kaseya providing a link to a "change log" on their web site as well as within VSA that chronologically lists all changes/fixes/enhancements for each version/hotfix of KS and Agent softwares? This is pretty much a standard practice these days... Maybe they have one and I'm just now aware of it?

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  • ReedMikel,
    I asked kaseya for this change list as well through a ticket, and they responded with this web link:
    The info is in there, just hard to read through IE's xml formatting, maybe someone could make a front end for this before kaseya does.
    Kaseya's support team did say they would be turning this into an RSS feed soon, but I'm not sure when that is.

    One last thing, I have to say that I have received a good level of support from kaseya, maybe I'm just lucky, but they have addressed all my tickets in a reasonable fashion. I have not attempted to call in to their support line though, so I don't know about the wait times. I do however, believe that this release came out before the proper testing was done. My company switched to kaseya right as the upgrade came out, and I feel like I spent more time finding, and dealing with bugs than actually setting up the product to monitor our clients (and our) environments. Recently though, Kaseya 2008 has begun to feel like the network management product we were promised.

    That's just what I think though.

    As for more forum involvement by the kaseya support team, I think it would not only help the users, and increase the quality of this forum. It would make kaseya look more involved with their product on a day to day basis.


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  • As a new customer (3 months ago), I was most impressed with Kaseya when I attended their conference the last few days! I got an opportunity to present my list of issues concerning tech support with "the top brass". I walked away feeling they truly did understand the issues and were making strides in providing a higher level of support. Future escalation and notification enhancements to VSA's ticketing system(that both MSPs and Kaseya use) should address most of my complaints of tickets that failed to get noticed/updated. Just as important - they are adding more support staff...

    Now that I've had the chance to "meet them", I think most of their tech support issues are simply due to growing pains (not an excuse, just an explanation). I suspect that the higher than normal number of support tickets/calls that Kaseya experienced as a result of the problematic 2008 release revealed weaknesses in their ticketing system and internal procedures. I have no doubt they learned a good lesson from this and are enhancing the product (and procedures) - to both our benefits...

    Another thing I learned was that customers should refer to Kaseya's knowledgebase before reporting a problem. I tended to just look in the forums for answers, not the KB. I will now start utilizing their KB FIRST, then the forums, then create a support ticket. Telephone calls are a last resort, as indeed we all know calls are a very inefficient way to report/describe a problem. A ticket with attached image(s) is a far more efficient way to report problems...

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