I thought this was worth documenting, as it took over week to resolve _with_ Kaseya's support, and appears undocumented.

It looks like "ERROR: Could not install the Kaseya Database Schema" is a rather catch-all error message when the Kaseys installation has problems setting up the SQL database.

In my case, I got this error while trying to install Kaseya 4.x and 2008 using a default database instance on a couple of different dedicated SQL 2005 Standard x64 servers. The problem turned out to be the collation sequence, which I usually set as case sensitive. Creating a new default instance with the default collation sequence (which is case INsensitive) resolved it.

K actually got partway through setting up the database before it got the error. The database and all tables appeared to be set up but empty.

I also saw this error trying to install in a dedicated named instance with the default collation sequence, in which case no database or tables were created. I never resolved that one.

FWIW, the installation logging doesn't provide much diagnostic detail on database errors.


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