I quickly noticed that the kaseya database was growing out of after installing 5.0. We have a small install base with about 120 agents, which before 5.0 only used about 400mb. After having 5.0 installed for two weeks it grew to 4gb and climbing.

After Kaseya came out with the hotfix that allowed us to view the peak machines generating event log entries, (go to system > statistics > check) I noticed that several of the agents had over 800,000 event logs. The highest agents were sharepoint, exchange and domain controllers. By far the highest was sharepoint. The interesting thing was that the events were from the security event log. I then viewed the security event logs for the offending agents and noticed that the entries were mostly Sucess Audits. This was due to a group policy setting that was set to log audit failures along with all successes.

I then went to Agent > Event Log Settings and disabled the collection of Audit Sucess for all machines. I figured it wasn't necessary to collect this information in Kaseya and if I really needed it, the events were still on the machines and I could see it through the event viewer.

I then went back to the revious window and deleted the all of the security logs for the offending machines.

Within two days our database was down to 900mb and kaseya seemed faster then ever. The shear volume of event logs must have been causing other issues because as soon as that was fixed we started receiving alerts for the event log errors again. These were the same event log errors that we were receiving before the upgrade to 5.0.

It has been four days since I made the changes to the collected security audit success event logs and everything appears to be working properly.

I am posting this to contribure to the community and help others because if we were having this same issue and we only have 120 agents, I can imagine what others with 1000+ must be experiencing.


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