I am not 100% sure if this happened just before or just after the upgrade.

My email reader had been fine and working correctly for ticketing.

Recently it says it has failed.

When I go to the KServer and telnet on port 110 to the email server i get an AVG Proxy error. As soon as I turn off the AVG email monitoring service on the KServer I can telnet ok.

How do I get KES to still scan emails but allow the reader to go out on port 110?

The email log reads .....
03/18/2008 13:57:51 KEmailReader Begins
03/18/2008 13:57:51 wodPop3 Error: The current connection has been aborted by the network or intermediate services.
03/18/2008 13:57:51 0 Emails, 0 Tickets Added, 0 Tickets Updated
03/18/2008 13:57:51 KEmailReader Ends

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